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Things that take time

It takes longer than you think:

  1. to build an ethical business with a really valuable proposition

  2. to build a superb management/support team to whom you can confidently delegate

  3. to build a body of patients/clients who trust, respect and like you

  4. to earn referrals and recommendations

  5. to build sales

  6. to do the introspection and conversation that are necessary to innovate

  7. to learn BIG from one’s mistakes

  8. to get over a failure – in business or in relationships

  9. to pay off debt

  10. to prepare well

  11. to become physically, mentally or spiritually fitter

  12. to appreciate art and nature

  13. to be a good leader, manager, parent, partner, friend

So as we enter into a new year, don’t be fooled by those who offer you

  1. the inside track

  2. a faster way

  3. the short cut

There is no short cut.

Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach had it right 20 years ago, advising us to plan 36 months in advance.

Don’t ask yourself what you are going to achieve in 2017 – ask yourself where you want to be by December 2019 and plan accordingly.

Slow down, manage your expectations, take the short term pressure away, allow yourself (and those around you) to expand into the available space.

You will become much happier (and likeable) if you are in this for the long haul.

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