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They are trying to get me

I’ve been attacked by two silver BMW’s in the last 48 hours. On Thursday a 5 series driven by a French Poodle (read the next issue of my ezine for an explanation) and Friday a 3 series convertible. The poodle incident was at 20mph and so taking avoiding action was easy enough and humurous. Yesterday, I walked over to meet my 11-year old daughter from school, which involves negotiating a busy main road and a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. Pushed the button and waited for the “green man” and the beeps. Stepped into the road and the 3 series blasts by at over 30 mph – didn’t slow, stop or give any sign of noticing me. Had the car not been travelling on the “other” side of the road, it would have hit me. These two events have unsettled me, especially bearing in mind that the pedestrian crossing mentioned in the second incident is used by dozens of kids and parents, twice a day. Maybe it’s just me again – I don’t know. I do know that I travelled into city centre Manchester on Wednesday, for the first time in months, and I was overwhelmed by the traffic congestion and the hustle/bustle of people. I think that spending time out of town is beginning to change me.

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