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There's a lot more to be grateful for (even with the challenges)


  • The Self-Managed Dental Business

  • Fee-earner profitability analysis

  • Understanding your adjusted EBITDA

  • Real-time cloud-based accounting

  • Reviewing prices

  • The taxation status of associates (again)

  • Online reviews

  • IO scanning and MAMAMIA dentistry

  • Video treatment plan presentation

  • Salaried apprentice dentists

  • Higher payroll costs

  • Recruitment and retention (and poaching)

  • Vicarious liability

  • Your CSR programme

  • The owner-managed micro-corporate

  • The Dental Therapist correctly deployed

  • Picking only ideal team players

  • Optimism

  • Patient demand

  • Everything digital

  • Loom

  • Paste and Pitch slide decks


  • You!

  • The Team!

  • Zoom/Teams

  • The NHS

  • The CQC

  • The GDC

  • The BDA

  • Trade Shows

  • NHS ortho tendering

  • Practice management software that isn't open source

  • Fallow time

  • Pessimism

  • Powerpoint and Keynote


  • Impression material

  • The UDA

  • The minimum wage dental nurse

  • Team members who aren't on the bus

  • Bitching, moaning and whining

Happy for you to add to any of these lists (I may well do that myself).

Have a great holiday weekend.

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