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The Weekly Review - a 12-minute video guide

A great resource here from the folks at Todoist - my cloud-based task manager of choice. A smart 12-minute video that highlights the benefits of and methodology for a weekly review.

My Sunday mornings at home always include my weekly review, copies of which are shared with my business coach, Rachel Turner and my support team (Phillippa and Rachel).

I ask my clients in The Extreme Business 100 to send me a weekly review as well - we automate that process with a reminder email (and link) every Friday morning.

A reminder that goes to all 100 (ish) clients.

How many reviews do I get (usually by Monday morning)?

An average of 20 - astonishing isn't it?

Clients who are paying me to coach them - and yet the 80/20 rule applies.

C'est la vie.

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