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The Two Reds meet the the Two Scots who are making a difference in dentistry

Two Reds Are Better Than One: An interview with Stuart Campbell and Michael Tang

This week we keep the interviews going North of the Border in Scotland with not one, but two, dentists as The Two Reds interview Dr Michael Tang and Dr Stuart Campbell.

Stuart and Michael started their own podcast at the start of 2020 - One in the Chair and Two Waiting - and although it's new, the podcast has already built up an excellent following and reputation.

Both Stuart and Michael share how they are getting through Covid-19. We discuss the steps they are taking to maintain their relationships with their patients, the things they are doing to stay positive and keep their teams positive, and how they are both marketing for new patients.

They also both give a very positive spin on what life will be like after Covid-19 and the opportunities that are out there for forward thinking Dentists and Practices. They share the importance of expanding your comfort zones and the opportunities which arise when you do.

Quite simply this is a brilliant interview with two great characters, with so many gems to take away.

Listen on your favourite podcast player, or below.

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