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The Strategic Coach

I’m in Wokingham, at my first ever day in The Strategic Coach programme, 12 years after I first heard Dan Sullivan speak. It’s the first time that this material has been delivered outside of North America – I am part of a ground-breaking experience. So I can hardly complain about dentists who procrastinate before they join The Dental Business School! This is a day for me, about me – and I’m enjoying the indulgence, the company and the presentation. This morning I have been working on my lifetime goals, my three-year vision and my 12-month plan. I am feeling lifted and liberated by the experience – I’m excited at the end of an exhausting working week. It’s a rare treat to be sat IN the room, rather then presenting TO the room. In an environment where I can practice what I preach. As a coach, it’s important that I respect the intellectual property that is being shared here, as well as the confidentiality of my colleagues and the proceedings – but I feel revitalised already – and we have the afternoon to come!

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