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The Sparkle returns

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Around 4 years ago I wrote the following post:

The Sparkle Sometimes there are people in your business who have that “sparkle”. The little something extra that makes them shine. I met two of them yesterday. One was an apprentice dental nurse and TCO aged 19. The other was a waitress in a country pub who was possibly over 60 years old. They both “sparkled”. There are no limits to what these people can achieve. If you have them active in a customer service setting – they can be wonderful ambassadors for your business. I’d take an unqualified “sparkler” any day over a qualified plodder.

Then, a few days ago, that same dental nurse, now moved on to a different employer, emailed me.

Dear Chris, You may or may not remember me but we met a few years ago when I was working for XXXX at his practice in XXXX. I remember you well because you wrote a blog about me called ‘The Sparkle’. I thought I would take the time to email you because I found you extremely interesting and remember how enthusiastic about dentistry you were, also I find your aspect of work inspiring. The main reason for emailing you is because I could really do with some guidance… Since meeting you I have changed jobs, applied to university and progressed further as a dental nurse, I feel although I have progressed I am hitting a dead end in my career. I have decided becoming a hygienist just isn’t for me. I like the thought of managing a practice but most people want an experienced manager so it’s much harder to get into. I want to make a difference and be recognised as an individual but as a dental nurse I feel I am losing my identity. I have had a positive impact on the practice I am working for now and have made changes such as reducing outgoings on stock and improving efficiency within the surgery, I have other ideas but dentists are very stubborn and get stuck in their own ways so they are reluctant to consider my ideas! What I am trying to say is I want to try and get away from dental nursing and take a different career path but still within the dentistry industry because like you, I am so passionate about it! I love the idea of travelling around to different practices and making big changes to them to help improve their production and overall service. I know you do this for a living and thought you could perhaps point me in the right direction as to where I could start and what training I would need to get into a career like this? I am sure there are also so many other career options associated with dentistry that I have never even heard of! I just have so much more to give and I feel I am wasting my passion and enthusiasm for dentistry. Thanks for taking the time to read this, it would be great to hear from you.

So we reconnected yesterday on the telephone and enjoyed a catch up and a good conversation.

I explained to The Sparkle that, at 23, like it or not, she still had to get those 10,000 hours under her belt but she indicated to me that she is free, unattached and willing to move anywhere to work in a practice where her ATTITUDE would be appreciated and her skills developed.

So if you are reading this, looking for new enthusiastic team members and would like to have the chance to bring a sparkler into your business – email me on coach with subject line “The Sparkle” and let’s see if we can help this exceptional individual.

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