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The Secrets to Finding a Passion in Dentistry

Karl Walker Finch is our latest guest on the 'Two Reds are Better than One Podcast'. Karl graduated in 2010 in Liverpool and then spent the next 5 years working as an associate on the Wirral before joining Lindley Dental in Huddersfield as an associate who announced on his first day that someday he wanted his own place. Very early on in his career, Karl discovered two passions. His first was for Implants and in 2014 took a Masters in Implantology and the other was that he had an Entrepreneurial streak in him, and that he wanted to be a Practice Owner one day. In 2022, he became a Practice Owner along with his wife Marisa, when he purchased a Practice and changed the name to 'Smiles in Tandem’ ( which is based in Huddersfield. Karl concentrates on all things dentistry and Marisa's speciality is Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is a fascinating interview and Karl really opens up and shares some of his own mental health issues and what he did to overcome them and still does every day. There are so many take-aways for everyone. As well as running his own busy Practice, he is a family man and yet he has still found time to write a book called 'In the Loupe' - The Secrets to Finding a Passion in Dentistry' and he talks about this book on the podcast. You can purchase the book NOW at this link. In this interview you will discover;

  • One of the most important principles that you need to adopt when buying an existing Dental Practice

  • Karls biggest single mistake when he purchased the Practice

  • The importance of Communication with the team and how to get your team to buy into the changes you want to make

  • The three techniques Karl adopted to deal with his own mental health issues and how he maintains a happy work and home life

  • The importance of every day writing

  • The importance of pace, not race and living in the moment

  • Goal setting is not the be all and end all and how it can have impact on quality

  • The impact that belonging to a Mastermind group can have in your career


Listen to the podcast via your favourite podcast player or via the player below.

Order Karl's new book at the below link:

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