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The role of the AI summary

I've been using Fathom software with all of my Zoom calls for a while now and its features and benefits are growing.

After each call:

  • a full video recording;

  • a transcript and, recently......

  • within seconds of the call ending - an AI generated summary of the call.

I've been very impressed with the new AI summary feature - although there are occasional mistakes with the spelling of names and places, the actual content and context summary is remarkably accurate.

(Sidebar: it occurs to me that there are circumstances in which a TCO/clinician could use the same for patient and team meetings online.)

Whilst chatting with Colin Campbell yesterday, he pointed me to the new "AI search bot" on Seth Godin's blog page -

It's worth a play with - this morning I typed in:

"What does Seth have to say about leadership?"

Within 30 seconds I had not only a linked list of all of his posts that relate to the subject - but also an AI summary of what he has to say.

I've written to the developers of my own e-learning platform this morning, to ask when and how we can offer the same for our clients - wouldn't it be great?

"What does Chris have to say about X?"

I think we have all had a play with ChatGPT, Bard and other similar platforms - but apart from cheating on homework and on creativity it has so far seemed nothing more than a party game:

"Write a response to my invitation to a wedding in the style of Charles Dickens."

"Write a section on the benefits of dental implants for my website."

However, the ability to accurately summarise complex ideas and conversations and to direct searches and provide lists and summaries seems, to me, like a real opportunity.

Time is at a premium for most of us and this sounds like a win.

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Hi Chris

That Seth tool sounds awesome. If you've had a go with ChatGPT and just think it's a bit of fun, I would love to share something I was taught recently by Ed Dale (a veteran programmer and online business leader). It's all in the prompt design! I have created a YouTube playlist which you can find on my channel at @NicolaCairncross (then look for the Playlists link along the top). I think you'll be amazed. Perhaps start with '3 Best ChatGPT Prompts For Business Owners'... I have also created two ChatGPT Apps of my own already which I have trained personally and also by uploading my books and am just looking into linking them with the chatbot on my webs…

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