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The Pyramid of Information

Take a moment to consider that you are (have to be) at the very top of a pyramid of information as to how we get through this.

In your team, there are some people who may be at the very bottom of that pyramid. Others part way up.

It's not because they are disinterested.

They simply may have other demanding pressures, both personally and professionally, which mean they cannot invest the time to keep informed. Or maybe they just don't have your level of connection?

Part of your leadership responsibility is to keep your team informed - not just about the day to day operational requirements of your business but also about the wider impact of current events on all of our lives.

The importance of the daily huddle has extended beyond a review of operations and the day list, to embrace a summary of "the news" on the pandemic and regular discussion on how your people are feeling, on how they are getting coping and making sure they know you are there for them.

There has never been a better time for quiet leaders to fulfil their potential.

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