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The Picture on the Box

We’ve been offered a quarter page advert in a local lifestyle magazine – I have to give an answer by end of play today – should I say yes?

I’ve been considering a radio advert – do you think it’s a good idea?

Should we spend more on our PPC campaign?

What do you think about Welcome Packs?

Who are the best people to build dental web sites?

Welcome to our world – a selection of the type of marketing questions we are asked every week. I could add many more about what to do, with whom, where and when.

They miss the point.

You cannot build a jigsaw without the picture on the box – not without a lot of heartache, trial and error, expense and delay.

In dental practice marketing, the picture on the box is your full marketing plan for the year.

A plan that is time activated, allocated to specific team members and financially resourced.

A plan reviewed every three months, measured, evaluated, edited and refreshed by reference to real-time feedback and innovation.

It will pay you back in the long term to stop picking individual jigsaw pieces off the table, waving them around and attempting to figure out whether and where they fit.

If you ask us for an opinion, we will start with the big picture.

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