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The Outgoing Personality

Not everybody has one.

Four Seasons Hotels suggest that you cannot train someone to have an outgoing personality – that it’s about the “way they are brought up”.

Certainly nothing to do with education or qualification.

Here’s the thing.

If you run a small business – you need people in your team with outgoing personalities.

Not just customer-facing but everyone-facing.

In a small business there is nowhere for the introvert to hide, no back-stage – everywhere is on stage.

If you recruit and/or tolerate people who don’t have an outgoing personality then you are planning to fail.

There is a downside.

People with outgoing personalities require LOTS of appreciation – approval addicts.

If you don’t take the time out to appreciate – they will naturally gravitate towards places where they do feel appreciated.

I’ll back a person with an outgoing personality who needs training any day against a well-qualified person with no charisma.

When I’ve chosen to back them, I’ll make sure they know I love them – frequently.

Championship teams are tough to lead and manage but they ooze charisma.

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