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The Numbers

You just HAVE TO know your numbers:

  1. Profit & Loss for the last month and 90 days

  2. Key Performance Indicators

  3. lab

  4. materials

  5. staff

  6. marketing

  7. net profit

  8. Productivity

  9. average daily production for all fee-earners

  10. Profitability

  11. operating costs per surgery per day

  12. individual profitability of every fee-earner

  13. Marketing

  14. spend on each activity

  15. return on investment

  16. Lead conversion

  17. enquiries to assessments

  18. assessments to consults

  19. consults to treatment

  20. average value of treatment per new patient

  21. After sales

  22. membership presentations and conversion rate

  23. word of mouth requests and conversion rate

  24. Profit margins

  25. analysis of profit from each product line

There is no excuse. Busy fools will go bust.

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