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The New Year – and a birthday

Welcome to 2007. I’ve been reading the various blog posts I collect via Bloglines, with a cup of tea this morning – and it’s understandable that there is a lot of comment about Resolutions. You can read an interesting brief history and explanation of Resolutions here. I have to admit a desire to use this day for my latest resolve to quit smoking (the third in 12 months). I hate the damn weed and survived over 20 years without it – but started again a couple of years ago during a summer vacation on Lake Como and have been hooked since then. This is a 53-year old guy who completed 14 marathons in the last 10 years and now couldn’t run for a bus. I do want 2007 to be a year in which I regain my personal fitness. Oh – and by the way – today celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch of my full-time business coaching practice. I’ve been a proper coach for 10 years today – and I’ve loved every minute of it as a career choice. Coaching has given me the freedom to evolve my professional life to reflect my personality and values but most importantly it has enabled me to change the lives of many people and earn their appreciation in that regard. There is no “quick way” to income and happiness through building a coaching practice – it’s a slow, hard climb to the top. But it’s worth it.

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