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The new adoption cycle

I hope you will forgive my rather crude graphics in the visual above but I'm spotting a trend and always feel compelled to pass that on.

You will remember the traditional adoption cycle:

  • A few innovators. The pioneers who take all the risks (and sometimes get scalped);

  • The slow build up of early-adopters;

  • "The Chasm" - that pregnant pause before the rest of the community wake up;

  • The early majority who like to board bandwagons when they are sure the wheels aren't going to fall off:

  • The late majority who arrive right at the end of the party (when the innovators are off inventing the next thing);

  • The laggards, who cling to denial, think innovators are the work of the devil and hope that nothing will ever change.

The Post-Lockdown Adoption Cycle

  • A lot more innovators - looking for ways to deliver dentistry that are appropriate, affordable, safe and profitable;

  • An audience of early adopters who cannot wait to get started and are hungry for knowledge;

  • The rest - the early /late majority and the laggards - simply getting left behind.

I'm on a mission to make sure that my clients are innovators and early adopters and I'm searching every day and around the world to see what's happening in dentistry.

We will look back at the 2020 as the spark that lit a period of rapid innovation.

There's a lot to be excited about.

Get through the next three months and then just you wait and see.

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