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The MRCREST scorecard – keeping count of your internal marketing activity – a free downl

This morning I bring you a brand new download – The MRCREST Scorecard.

The idea is simple enough (if you have the systems and the people in place).

  1. First item on the agenda at The Daily Huddle is “how did we do yesterday on MRCREST?

  2. Add a tick for each event;

  3. a tick for a new plan member

  4. a tick if any business cards are handed out

  5. a tick if a patient checks in to the practice on their Facebook profile

  6. a tick if a patient writes an online review;

  7. a tick if you get consent from a patient to subscribe to your monthly patient newsletter

  8. a tick if you persuade a patient to take a selfie on their smartphone and post/tag it;

  9. a tick if you are successful in getting a short video testimonial for Instagram/Facebook or a patient agrees to attend your next VIP patient filming day

  10. Whoever chairs The Daily Huddle for the week brings the MRCREST Scorecard to the meeting each day;

  11. At the end of the week celebrate your wins and do something about your misses;

  12. Manage your expectations – one tick a day in the totals box would kick-start your internal marketing. One tick a day in every box would revolutionise your practice.

p.s. it’s all free – your currency is time and people who care – not money down the drain.

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