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The Middle

I’m noticing in my own client base that “success” seems to be concentrated around those businesses that are doing very focused things for very focused groups.

  1. very high quality (and expensive) dentistry is still selling well

  2. very basic quality (and cheap) dentistry is still selling well, because the Government are obsessed with “access”

and the fascinating thing is that I’m noticing similar trends in other sectors. Very expensive and high quality or “cheap as chips” and basic:

  1. cars

  2. holidays

  3. meals

  4. clothes

  5. white goods

  6. coaching services

The trend continues – and it dawned on me last night that this was the “recession” and “Doomageddon” at work. The middle is hiding. The middle cannot be bothered to vote – so we get either highly qualified or cheap and nasty MEP’s. The middle didn’t subscribe to Setanta. The middle are leaving dental plans and drifting back into the NHS. The middle have gone into hibernation until the economic winter passes. If you are selling to the middle you are in for a long hard “winter”. You have to sell at the ends. Cheap as chips or highly expensive. And you have to choose a demographic customer base who are at the extremes of need or desire. The top 10% of everything is thriving. The bottom 10% of everything is in trouble (and that’s a market). But the middle 80% – is nowhere-ville. Get away from the middle.

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