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The Mastermind Group

I’m so excited that today is (finally, after all the preparation) our first Mastermind meeting in Central London.

Around 20 people from 10 practices, principals and managers.

Location of members?

Practices have travelled in from all points of the UK compass, including Central Scotland, the North East, North West, Midlands, the West Country and the Home Counties.

We started the ball rolling with 8 for dinner last night – and I left them at 00:30, still drinking, talking and laughing as I staggered to my bed after a very long day.

We are also filming the event, Jem Patel and the team from JSP Media Group will be catching highlights for our new web site.

What’s the purpose of the meetings?

To create an environment in which 10 practices can move their businesses forward by sharing ideas and experiences, with my help as a facilitator.

Principals can meet with Principals.

Managers can meet Managers.

And I have no doubt that they will be in conversation with each other on a constant basis after today’s inaugural meeting – I expect practice exchange visits as well.

“More Profit in Less Time” you might say – and a chance to share the very best ideas.

The concept is well established and I’ve delivered this style of meeting for over 10 years with hugely beneficial results.

We will be launching the second group later in the year.

Dates for Group 2 will be:

Thursday 4th November 2010 Thursday 3rd March 2011 Thursday 12th May 2011 Thursday 15th September 2011

These meetings will be in London and are very likely to be held at the Royal College of Physicians.

If you are interested, please let me know.

For now – I’m off to breakfast and to prepare for what promises to be the start of some life-long friendships between dental entrepreneurs and their managers.

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