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The Marketing Delusion


The Delusion

There is no such thing as a “done for you” marketing solution.

There are two marketing solutions:

  1. Done by you

  2. Done with you

Done by you (very rare in dentistry) – your internal team cover all the bases in digital and direct marketing and get things done on time.

Done with you – your internal team cover 80% of the bases and sub-contract a crucial 20% to experts.

Please avoid “done for you” – the idea that you can sub-contract your marketing and get back to the dentistry and/or the admin – is a dangerous myth, guaranteed to produce frustrated agency-swapping cynics.

Part of my work is to help clients to understand this and then:

  1. train and coach their teams to do the 80% that they have to do

  2. monitor the activities of their agencies to make sure they meet targets and deadlines for their 20%

Marketing is a “done with you” team event.

My goal is to achieve a happy clients with a positive ROI on their marketing budget.

I also want to work with happy agencies secure in the knowledge that they aren’t going to:

  1. take the blame for things they couldn’t control and

  2. take the credit for things they didn’t do

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