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The long run - farewell to Jeremy Paxman

Last night we watched Jeremy Paxman host his 967th episode and final "Final" of University Challenge.

1994 to 2023 - one year less then my first ever business meeting with a dentist (one that I reminisced about in the recent Dental Leaders Podcast).

There's something to be said about becoming an overnight success after 30 years.

Mr. Paxman is standing down for health reasons.

I'm counting my blessings this morning that I can rise at 05:00 am, complete my morning routine in The Barrow Bunker and then head out to spend the day with a North Manchester client, visiting his practice and then heading to his home for a full day on strategic planning.

If the weather stays fine, we may even get a walk in.

How many times do I share with you that I love my job, and that, in the words of Isadore Sharp, "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life?"

It's been a long run Paxman - and you have been excellent.

I'll carry on a little longer.

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