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The historian, the commentator or the futurist

Over the years, pundits have compared opinions to just about every part and function of the human body, with the metaphoric punchline that “everyone has one and most are useless”.

Melvyn Bragg has delighted us for years with his “in our time” podcast series – a superb source of informed historical and scientific opinion.

Wired magazine has, for many years, been my favourite source of equally informed futurism, followed closely by The Medical Futurist, written by Bertalan Mesko.

The source of opinion I’m least interested in is what’s happening TODAY. I have no time for commercial TV or radio news or the people on whom they focus, constantly trying to score ratings points by focusing on that which horrifies and fascinates their audience.

If I really do want an opinion on what’s happening now – I’ll refer to The Economist.

We meet people who have opinions about the past – how it used to be.

We meet others who have opinions about today – how things are.

I’m fascinated by people who have opinions about the future – how it can be.

They seem to make the most difference to the way I think, perform and behave.

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