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The Front of House Development Programme

Commencing Thursday 15th April I’m working with ADAM President Lisa Bainham to begin a 12-week journey with a community of Front of House team members, intended to grow their skill and confidence as we emerge from lockdown restrictions in to the “new normal” of dental practice. Would you like your FOH team to join us? The Need

The demand for both long term care and cosmetic dentistry are growing, as we emerge from a year of lockdown and restrictions into a renewed freedom to “commune” with family, friends and colleagues. People are more health-conscious than they have been for generations and dental health and appearance are a key part of that. Practices are reporting record numbers of new patient enquiries - many looking for a regular practice with whom to register; others looking for dentistry that will build their own confidence - from invisible braces, through smile makeovers to implant and restorative treatment. Business is booming in the independent private sector and across all patient demographics. The dental market is set to become more competitive and savvy patients expect a polished customer service experience. The FOH team member in 2021 has to be articulate, well informed and agile - able to answer questions on the availability of and options for practice membership and around specific areas of treatment. Equally able to handle FAQs and patient concerns, whilst coping with the demands of a busy working day and, sometimes, people who are anxious or angry. There is too much going on now to leave front desk competency to chance. The Benefit Delegates on our new Front of House Development Programme will benefit from weekly training delivered by two experienced industry leaders, as well as the online support of a nationwide community of like-minded team members. Our 12-week Programme will guide delegates through the role and responsibilities of the 2021 FOH team and focus on specific skills to assist in maintaining a smooth workflow, excellent communication and a high level of conversions from enquiry to consult. The Programme will combine direct training within a supportive learning & coaching community.

The Curriculum 15th April - The Complete FOH team An introduction to the role and responsibilities 22nd April - The Patient Experience Understanding the complete patient journey and the significance of the FOH team in that experience 6th May - Getting the basics right Scripts, Templates and FAQs 13th May - Your speaking and writing style Top tips for an effective communication style, whether verbal or written 20th May - Dental-speak Basic dental terminology and asking the right questions when a patient is in pain or seeks help with an emergency 27th May - “Are you taking on NHS patients?” Answering “that” question and converting NHS and general enquiries into private consults 3rd June - When you are closed Answer phone massages, auto-responders and call centres 10th June - Membership plans Everything the FOH team need to know 1st July - Angry people Dealing with difficult patients and handling objections and complaints 8th July - Breathe Creating an efficient diary and a calm work flow 15th July - Teamwork FOH communication with the rest of the dental team 22nd July - Marketing Why the FOH team are also part of the marketing team - social media, reviews, storytelling and KPIs The Features

  1. A weekly webinar on Thursdays at 13:00 for one hour - attendance at the live webinar is strongly recommended and so you will be advised to organise cover for the delegates or a rota of attendance;

  2. All weekly webinars will be recorded and available for exclusive revision and catch up;

  3. Each weekly webinar will include downloads, including copies of all slides and handouts;

  4. All delegates will be invited to a private Facebook Group, where we will store links to recordings, slides, scripts, templates, PDFs and other useful material and references;

  5. All delegates will be invited to a private WhatsApp Group, where they can ask questions of the community and share experiences;

  6. All delegates will have email access to Chris Barrow and Lisa Bainham, for individual and confidential questions. The Investment Your investment will be £300 PCM (Inclusive of VAT) per dental business - this will cover an unlimited number of team members from your business who wish to join the FOH Development Programme - there is no restriction on numbers per business. The investment will be payable for three months only - a total of £900 (inclusive of VAT) for the complete Programme. The Spring 2021 Bonus All dental businesses participating in the FOH Development Programme will enjoy three months of complimentary access to The Extreme Business Coaching programme. At no extra charge, you will be invited to join an existing community of over 130 businesses (large and small, general and specialist) for the three months of the FOH Development Programme. This will allow you, your managers, clinicians and team access to:

  7. The Extreme Business Academy - over 2 years of vCPD online training content on the business of dentistry;

  8. The weekly reflection - our automated weekly reporting system to monitor your progress;

  9. Our Tuesday evening live group webinar for Owners and Managers - keeping you up to date with what’s hot and happening in the dental world;

  10. Access to our private Facebook Groups for Owners and Managers;

  11. Access to our private WhatsApp Groups for Owners and Managers;

  12. Access to our Extreme Buying group - our “not for profit” buying group featuring a selection of price-busting deals;

  13. Access to our ongoing Associate Development Programme (now in it’s 23rd week);

  14. Access to our archive of Development Programmes for Associates,Practice Managers, Marketing Managers & TCOs.

The Call to Action This represents simply fantastic value for money - our way of saying “let’s get back to business” after the trials of the last year. There is no contractual commitment - if at any stage you don’t feel you are getting value from the programme - just withdraw. At the end of three months, you can complete the programme and conclude your investment. To register simply follow this link and briefly enter your details at the bottom of the page - Team CB will then handle your onboarding. Remember we sail on Thursday 15th April - don’t miss the boat. At the very least - if you want reassurance that your Front of House team are equipped to handle the coming months - then take action now.

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