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The Front Desk

15th November 2012 – 18:30 – I arrive at The Hilton Park lane, London. At the Front Desk – Christian. Very, very busy hotel. He is at the station for Diamond VIP card holders (that’s me). Players in our scene: CH (Christian from the Hilton) CB (me) CH: Good evening sir – how can I help you? CB – Good evening (places VIP card on counter) – I have a reservation for 2 nights in the name of Barrow CH – (takes VIP card and refers to screen) Thank you Mr Barrow (pause) – I see that this is your first visit to the Hilton Park Lane? CB – that’s correct CH – and yet you have stayed at Hilton Hotels for over 300 nights over the years! CB – I suppose I must have done CH – and you appear to travel all over the country and the world? CB – that’s true as well CH – well Mr Barrow, I would like to welcome you to the flagship of the fleet in England, The Hilton Park Lane CB – that’s very nice thank you CH – now, as you are a valued client I am going to automatically upgrade you to our Executive Rooms. We have already allocated a room on the 23rd floor but, if I may suggest, you are currently facing across Mayfair. It is a lovely view but can I suggest that I move you to room 2305 because it is a little bigger and has a marvellous view across Buckingham Palace. CB – that would be lovely – thank you (swipes credit card to pre-authorise payment) CH – now Mr Barrow, if you would like to follow me I will take you up to your room and show you around to make sure that you are happy (walks around from counter, takes my case, leads me to lift, takes me to floor 23, opens door, shows me where the bathroom is in case I can’t find it later) CH – do you find the room acceptable Mr Barrow? CB – excellent thank you CH – OK I will pop over to the original room and transfer your Diamond Privileges pack over CB – thank you (enjoys view from window – 2 minutes later CH knocks on the door and enters bearing water, fruit and a chocolate dessert) CH – Here are your Diamond Privileges Mr Barrow – I sincerely hope that you stay with us is wonderful, speak to me personally if you have any further requirements. CB – thanks Christian, I really appreciate your attention to detail CH – my pleasure Mr Barrow all that for £240 a night B&B. What does your Front Desk team do for a patient who is thinking of investing £246 in treatment? Or £2,460? Or £24,600?

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