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The Finish Line

Cardiff workshop completed yesterday – and we will never darken the doorstep of the Moat House Hotel again! Once more, the delegates created a lively atmosphere, even though the hotel air-conditioning broke down and we all sweltered in the afternoon. The tour is over and today I am working in my Cheshire apartment before closing it all down this evening for a week’s vacation. No laptop, no mobile phone, no business development books!!!!! This morning I wrote the ezine for the week (it should be out later today or Monday) and responded to all operational and client emails. This afternoon I will spend on the telephone – I am guesting on a couple of other coaches bridge calls and also want to talk to my team members. The dental tour has, as usual, restored my passion and enthusiasm for speaking, writing, coaching and making a difference. The nicest event of yesterday was reading a note left on their table by the team at The Orthodontic Centre in Cardiff – it read simply “you were fab Chris” – and it made my day – thank you ladies and congratulations Viren on building such a strong team and a great business.

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