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The Female Principal blog series part 8: Time

Time There never will be enough – so make sure you use what you have sensibly.

  1. Plan your year in advance using a wall-planner to decide

  2. Clinical days

  3. Leadership and Management Days

  4. Free days (the most nourishing – get some sunshine)

  5. Make sure your calendar is littered with planning days and meetings – its the time you work ON your life that is the most important – not the time you work IN your life

  6. Make daily task lists and A, B, C those lists

  7. Switch that bloody phone off when its “your” time – the head-peckers can wait – create heavily protected head-pecker free time

  8. Limit the number of hours you are prepared to invest in any of your roles – and be strong about those boundaries

  9. Recognise that your business is not one of your children (I fear the times when a client says “but this business is my baby – I gave it life”. A business is not a baby – but you can allow it to become a monster child.)

  10. To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Nobody in a cancer ward ever wished they had spent more time at the office.” *An excerpt from The Female Principal manuscript by Chris Barrow – to be published as an ebook later in 2014

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