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The fad that isn't

I enjoyed a working lunch yesterday in a very pretty Cotswolds pub and hotel. The car park was occupied by Aston Martins and 911s. Inside, the diners were affluent middle-aged men, couples and a smattering of younger folk. I would say the average age was 50. Classic baby-boomer territory – even parents feeding their children and grandchildren. On the blackboard by the bar:

  1. a dart board?

  2. announcement of a “quiz night”?

  3. the up and coming karaoke evening?

Nope – as you can see – an invitation to connect via social media. It is everywhere now – I’m even seeing Facebook logos and names on the side of HGVs. Delighted to say that one of my guest speakers at today’s Mastermind meeting in the West End will be Brendon MacDonald from Apex Hub. Brendon will be explaining how an active social media marketing programme can hugely increase your new patient enquiries. Don’t miss the boat – if anyone tells you this is a fad – they are going to get left further and further behind. Social media will become our principal means of communication in the next 3 years.

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