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The Extreme Weekly Tracker – how I use marginal improvement to generate huge gains for my clie

Every Friday morning my active coaching clients receive an email asking them to visit a landing page and complete their Extreme Business Weekly Tracker.

They answer the questions, press “SEND” and I get the email directly (they have a copy as well).

I use the same system to report to my own coach.

The weekly tracker creates measurement (what did I do this week?) and accountability (how good was I this week?).

As a coach it helps me to feel connected to my client and aware of their issues and progress.

As a client I enjoy the moment of reflection, a chance to pat myself on the back for a good week and draw attention to areas in which I need to sharpen up my act.

Here are the questions they answer:

  1. what were my most significant accomplishments in the last week?

  2. what were the main things I would like to have achieved but didn’t?

  3. what tolerations, obstacles or roadblocks do I need to address and how?

  4. what issues or challenges am I facing right now?

  5. what are the biggest “wins” I can make next week?

  6. in what way (if any) could Coach Barrow help me right now?

It begs the question – do you do something similar?

Or is it “same stuff, different week”?

We’ve heard from sports coaches about the benefits of marginal improvement.

Those small steps that my clients are making every 7 days add up to a giant leap over a year of working together.

One step at a time.

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