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The Extreme Business Club – The Money Course and an interview with Les Jones from Practice Pla

Progress continues on the development of our online learning platform, due to launch next week.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of recording a one-hour video interview with my friend and fellow (injured) cyclist Les Jones, in which we discussed the true meaning of the words “Design”, “Brand” and “Branding” and how they apply to the business of dentistry. Along the way, an hilarious story about customer service gone wrong.

This will be the first in a monthly series of interviews with Key Opinion Leaders and others who have a story to tell.

It forms part of the monthly offer to Club members who, in return for their investment of £25 per month, enjoy:

  1. an hour’s video interview as above;

  2. an hour’s online tutorial for owners, managers and teams;

  3. an hour’s live webinar

  4. a 20% discount on all courses

So, speaking of courses – we now have two completed:

  1. The Marketing Course;

  2. The Money Course.

Available at just £249 each (member’s price £199).

Both intended as deep work on the relevant subjects with hours of video and a plentiful supply of downloads and supporting material.

It is hugely exciting for me to see this project coming to fruition after years of procrastination (on my part) and months of preparation.

In the next few days we will be asking some existing clients to take the courses and provide us with a snag list – in preparation for public release next week.

I want owners, managers and teams to be able to access quality training material, in an easy to digest format and at amazingly low cost.

My vision is for The Extreme Business Club to be the best online learning platform on the business of dentistry – in the world.

We have a special offer for our first annual subscribers to The Club – you will receive access to The Marketing Course free of charge – thereby effectively doubling the purchasing power of your investment.

If you would like to be informed when we go live:

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