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Recent rumours of my nervous breakdown were almost as funny as the accusation at the Showcase a couple of years ago that I had run off to Spain with a 14-year old (rather sick actually). Just before going on stage at the SOE gig in Belfast this evening, I was handed a Blackberry and asked to read an interesting thread on GDP-UK that started with the talented Mark Oborn passing on a comment from my good self (a little out of context Mark) that independent practitioners would see a 30% downturn in 2009 sales figures. I say “started” because it seems that within a short time I was credited with the following attributes:

  1. a prophet of doom

  2. an aggressive and arrogant bully who cannot accept criticism and publicly humiliates anyone who dares to disagree

  3. an individual who has no regard for Patient Choice, Informed Consent or clinical necessity and is totally focused on grabbing money and profiteering

  4. the author of crap (and I quote – crap) financial monitoring systems

Although my personal favourite was:

who is Chris Barrow?

and the response

a guru

Bless. If only my Mum and Dad could have lived to see me become a guru…. I’ve often said that when you speak to 3000 people a year, write ezines, articles and blogs and generally put yourself about – you are going to make enemies. It just goes with the patch. 90% success means another 300 people a year joining the “We hate Chris Barrow” Facebook group. It prophetically follows on from my earlier post about being bold, outrageous and provocative. I seriously need to remind myself that the commentators who express the most vitriolic opinions are usually those who have never paid me any fees, know the least about me – or have been victims of my quest for business excellence because they were unproductive associates or well-poisoning staff members. The people who know me and pay me tend not to participate in these threads – or if they do, kindly step in to set the record straight. As someone once said:

bad publicity is like bad breath – its better then no breath

For the record Mark, what I said was

for those independent practices who do not get their marketing act together, 2009 sales will fall by 30%

and I stand by that. I also then went on to spend a good couple of hours talking about the marketing and business ideas that my clients are using to stay healthy. In a recession, the landscape gardeners create better visions, the lawn mowers require leadership and the well poisoners are glad until they become victims. Lets get real here – February could be a lousy month:

  1. lost revenue from patient cancellations in the inclement weather

  2. lost revenue from both patients, team members and clinicians taking half-term holidays

  3. lost revenue because of the recession

So I’m about asking WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAINTAIN REVENUES? And I’ve got loads of ideas for those who want to listen. No nervous breakdown. No child bride. No prophet of doom. What next I wonder? Here in Belfast, 55 attendees are still here at the Holiday Inn at 9.45pm, listening to us share ideas.

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