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The Epiphany – having that Star Trek moment in your thinking

I’ve observed that, in a coaching meeting, there is very often a moment when a light bulb flashes in the client’s head and they suddenly get clarity on an issue that they’ve been struggling with for some time.

Recent examples have been clients realising:

  1. what to do in order to hit a seemingly impossible sales target;

  2. how to reorganise a Denplan Essentials book to allow the time to deliver more complex treatment;

  3. who to promote into a new position of responsibility.

In my own case, a January meeting with my own coach produced an epiphany when I realised what to say on the home page of my new web site (now under construction).

I’m mindful of this today because I’m travelling over to Nottingham as visiting guest lecturer on The Campbell Academy Implant Course.

My friend Colin Campbell christened The Epiphany moment in the early days of our coaching relationship, when we would meet for breakfast in West Bridgford, start our conversation and, after some minutes or hours he would announce “that’s it – that’s the moment – you’ve earned your money!”

It can be disconcerting when you have booked a 7-hour conversation and The Epiphany happens after 20 minutes (you may be surprised to discover how often it happens that quickly).

It’s important to understand that the coach is simply the catalyst in that process – creating an environment in which the client can see clearly.

Over the years, I’ve learned to recognise the moment by the facial expression of the client (the NLP people would know all about that).

The moral of the story is that if you are struggling with a decision or a conundrum in your business or personal life, it’s a very good idea to get yourself into a different place physically (a breakfast cafe, an art gallery, a walk up a hill) and to take someone along who is a good listener with some knowledge of your lifestyle or business sector.

Epiphanies are amazing to witness and to experience – it’s like a scene from a Star Trek movie when The U.S.S. Enterprise achieves warp speed and you/your business suddenly accelerate forwards.

Impossible to predict whether anybody in my audience will experience that today (epiphanies in public speaking are less frequent) but I’ve already had two face to face meetings this week during which I’ve seen “that look”.

Here’s wishing you an epiphany some time soon.

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