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The de-skilled manager

The term "manager" here can relate to any member of your team who has responsibility for systems and/or people:

  • Practice manager;

  • Business Development Manager;

  • Marketing Manager;

  • Treatment Coordinator;

  • Clinic Manager;

  • Front of House Manager.

Here are two potential challenges:

  1. They have been pulled away from their primary responsibility during the pandemic, covering for those who have been absent, isolating, have been poached or have simply left dentistry. Pulled back in to nursing and/or reception duties;

  2. Now that you want them to move back to their primary responsibility (although for some of you that still isn't possible) - you are ASSUMING that they have enough muscle memory to be able to pick up their management role where they left off.

You know what they say about assumptions.

Please make sure that your managers have access to refresher training so that they can gradually accelerate back to their former level of competence.

That's one of the reasons that our e-learning platform, The Extreme Business Academy, is so useful (and free) for members of The Extreme Business 100.

Take a look at the courses we offer (for onboarding and refreshing) here -

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