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The Curate's Egg

A few highlights of my yesterday (Wednesday):

  • During a Zoom meeting to reflect on my year ahead, my business coach tells me that 5 of her 6 face to face meetings with clients in Central London this week have been cancelled due to Covid-related issues or fears;

  • I record our latest Two Reds podcast with Ashley and our guest (the simply outstanding Lucie Simic) confirms that the number one issue that she is dealing with in their Practice Manager's Club and her consultancy work with Mike Hesketh is team, team ,team - recruitment, retention and mental health;

  • My 13:00 client call is with a Female Principal who retired from clinical dentistry in the last 20 months and is now M.D. of her business - main topic of conversation is the management of her associates' performance and behaviour as they individually request changes of days and hours because "it's getting too hard."

  • A brain-busting session with a client, screen sharing an Excel spreadsheet and finalising a cash flow forecast for 2022 that allows for quick changes in the event that the Omicron environment alters the capacity to deliver care and generate sales.

Can you remember when we spent most of our time figuring out how best to market ourselves to new patients and deliver a remarkable patient journey with world class clinical care?

I'll bet you never envisaged having to become an escapologist and psychiatrist as well?

I genuinely thought that 2021 would see an end to 20 months of firefighting but, alas, there appears to be more agility and pivoting required of us as we enter the new year.

So be it. We do resilience here.

On a more positive note, last night I hosted for Align Tech a pan-European webinar audience that peaked over 450 as we listened to Drs Michaela Sehnert (Germany) and Joshua Austin (USA) describe how integrating iTero in to every aspect of their clinics has been a game-changer.

One of the most positive and upbeat of what has been an inspirational series and I'm excited to say that we are already planning "Season 3" for 2022.

In the midst of the uncertainty and exhaustion - there is hope.

Life right now is such a curate's egg.

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