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The cost of HTM 01-05 – who pays?

One of the “mantras” from the Dental Business School training workshops is that all costs in a dental practice are borne by one of three teams:

Team A – the principal and his/her family Team B – the staff and/or sub-contractors (that’s associates, therapists/hygienists) Team C – the patients

One could perhaps argue that there is a Team D – the suppliers, although I’ve played with spreadsheets over the years indicating that a 5% reduction in costs will only create a 1% or 2% increase in bottom line – not usually worth the effort.

So where is the cost of HTM 01-05 going to come from?

I’ve recently heard of:

  1. a principal who is passing the cost to Team B – by levying a flat-rate monthly charge on all associates and

  2. another principal who told me last week that he will be charging the patients a flat-rate fee for each sterilisation pack that is used during treatment – that’s Team C

So what are you doing?

By the way – denial and procrastination equates to Team A – that’ll be YOU then.

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