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The complete digital dentist : Complex cases made simpler

5th October 2022 18:30 UK 19:30 CEST No cost for dental professionals

In the third and final session of our mini-series `The complete digital dentist` we address the impact of digitalization in treatment of complex aesthetic cases and how it is possible to digitally manage the soft tissue.

Key topics our speaker will discuss in this event:

  • Case based demonstration of a seamless digital integration along each step of the clinical workflow - Diagnosis, CBCT-scan planning, digital impressions and treatment sequencing for implant patients.

  • Expert tips - A look at particular operational advances developed by our speakers; enabled by new materials, tools and software.

  • How to harness digital to create a superior patient experience, and how visualization of the patient dental situation is key to their understanding, acceptance and compliance of their treatment.

  • How adopting new technology can help deliver predictable and quality dentistry, improve office efficiency and productivity in a range of surgical, prosthetic and digital management of the anterior aesthetic area

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