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The “can-do” attitude

“There isn’t a car for hire anywhere in Gatwick – you have no chance whatsoever. No point in trying the other companies – I can tell you that every vehicle in the airport is either out on hire or reserved. I suggest you get a train into London and then back out to Farnham from there.”

Was the cheerful response from the lady on the Avis desk yesterday afternoon.Â

So I walked 20 feet to the Enterprise desk and asked:

“Do you have anything that I can hire for 24 hours to drive an hour each way?”Three smartly dressed young men – all in white shirts and company ties.

“No problem sir – would you like that now?” Â

15 minutes later I was steeping into my Chevrolet Karlos (please don’t tell anybody) after a superb customer service experience.

My first lady was, I repeat, 20 feet away from the Enterprise desk – and possessed a “cannot do” attitude as she sat on her stool and looked at me like another poor sap who travels on business.The guys at Enterprise “can do”. And “can do” well. Driving to Farnham I have a smile on face, even though I do feel like Noddy. Do your “front desk” team have a “can do” attitude – or are they members of the Avis business prevention unit?

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