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The Campbell Academy Business Course 2020 – abundance, friendship, collaboration and growth

I’ve been delighted to attend The Campbell Academy Business Course every year since it’s inception as one of the visiting guest lecturers and will be doing the same in 2020 – this time from the brand new premises that are currently being constructed in Nottingham.

(If you haven’t seen the fly by of the new premises you can do so at the end of this post – it’s 4:26 so make sure you have the time.)

As a dental business owner you aren’t going to invest in this course just so that you can take a look at Colin’s new building.

What you are going to do is make a commitment to take an alternative MBA programme in the business of dentistry and immerse yourself in:

  1. The experience of Colin and his Champions League team – who will share every internal system, template and protocol that they use to run The Campbell Clinic – one of my best ever clients;

  2. The wisdom of all the visiting guest lecturers – a panel of thought leaders and experienced practitioners;

  3. The camaraderie of business course delegates past and present.

You might be asking “why is a Chris Barrow promoting another business course?”

It’s not about the money – I get paid a day rate for my attendance at the course that will make up less than one-half a percent of my revenue this year – if they stop inviting me it isn’t going to make any appreciable difference to my cash flow.

It’s about abundance – being part of one of the best dental business courses in the UK.

It’s about friendship – supporting Colin and his team because they have supported me over the years.

It’s about collaboration – every year I attend I pick up new ideas from the Campbell team and the delegates.

It’s about growing together – some of my former clients have become Campbell clients – and vice versa – because they (and we) are all lifelong learners.

You can download a copy of the 2020 course brochure by following the link HERE – enjoy – and think seriously about the difference that this could make.

Here’s the fly-through of the new premises.

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