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The Busy Man

You have no idea how many times in the last 10 days I have had emails, phone calls and social media messages that begin with: “I know you are a busy man/have a hectic schedule but could I ask………..” Fair enough from contacts but when your fee-paying clients say that, it is a moment of truth. Can I repeat some things I have said before:

  1. Busy-ness is my default

  2. I’m a workaholic who takes 12 weeks vacation every year

  3. I invest 20% of my weekends in dental conferences and catch ups (like now)

  4. If you want something done, ask a busy man

  5. If you want to deal with somebody less busy – first of all, ask your self why they are so!

Yep – I’m busy. Yep – my schedule is pretty hectic. Yep – (the last time I’ll say it) – climbing Kilimanjaro and moving house was an ambitious plan. Yep – I’m behind at the moment and catching up. I love working with my clients and the issues and opportunities we are discussing at this time are as challenging for them (if not more challenging) than ever. I am involved in quite a few new projects in dentistry – some exciting new businesses and innovations. I WILL do whatever it takes to stay on top of my work. I am re-engineering my business right now to achieve this – and have some BIG IDEAS that I am sharing with my clients over the next few weeks. I’ve never known a time like this – the deeper the recession, the more opportunity presents itself. These are the best of days – make sure you hang out with people who have a bigger future. People like you and me. p.s. A man like me needs a very, very good woman behind him. Somebody who loves him unconditionally and has the patience of a saint. I’m a very lucky man.

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