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The Bigger Future in Dentistry

One of the best decisions I've made this year is to bring guest speakers in for Day 1 of my quarterly, 2-day workshops around the UK.

In Q1 this year, Neil Harris thrilled us by lifting the bonnet on HRS Dental Care and showing us exactly how he has created a Champions League practice.

In Q2, Cat Edney captivated our clients with a full explanation of the role of the modern dental therapist and the positive impact that can have on the patient experience and the bottom line.

Yesterday in London was our first Q3 day and an audience of 60 delegates were spellbound by Marcos White and (again) Cat Edney.

  • The very latest digital workflow;

  • How to join together IOS, TCO, Hygienist/Therapist and Dentist to deliver a memorable patient experience ;

  • The very latest in apps to help with smile design;

  • The business case for digital workflow;

  • A live demo of how a therapist should scan and communication;

  • A live demo of digital crown design and 3D printing

And my thanks to the people from Align and Sprintwray who came along in support.

The atmosphere stayed electric all day.

As I sat watching all this - and the looks on the faces in the audience - it occured to me that, even in my wildest imagination, I could not have envisaged a Coach Barrow day looking like this, even a few years ago.

It's important to remember, when you are at the cutting edge of technology, that care must be taken.

But at the same time, on a day when social media was carrying reports that "over 53% of new graduates are planning on leaving dentistry within the next 5 years" (source - - it is heartwarming to see the excitement we generated in the conference room.

Owners who brought along nurses, TCOs, managers and hygienists/therapists have already messaged me overnight to say that their teams were buzzing on the way home.

I live to make a positive difference - with the help of Marcos and Cat, I went to bed last night thinking "job well done".

This blog will be taking a 2-week vacation from tomorrow morning - so this is your last post until 31st July.


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