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The age of video-streaming

Good morning from a sunny Doncaster. Yesterday was as frustrating but ultimately successful first. My first video-cast for the weekly ezine. I sat down in my home office and recorded about 10 minutes of rambling professional and personal reflections – on my trusty Sony camcorder – and then realised that I was the proud owner of a 620Mb video file. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? First attempt at uploading the file to Kim Black’s server was fruitless – I wasn’t going to stand there and watch my lappie for 4 hours – so I popped out for a meeting with Bonnie – had lunch on my return – and discovered that the transfer had timed out. Too late – I have to jump into the flying banana and drive 5 hours to Yorkshire – where I arrived at 9.00pm last night. But the ever-helpful Kimberly was on hand. As I sat in the reception at the Holiday Inn and she sat at home in California, we chatted through an upgrade to Windows Moviemaker – and I then learned how to compress my file to just 13Mb – which I then emailed to Kim via my trusty Vodaphone 3G datacard. She and Alun will be busy compiling the ezine today – I have no idea what the finished product will look like – but fingers crossed that we can find a quick and easy way for me to create videos of practice tours, client interviews and testimonials – maybe even some workshop extracts. I’ve got my Spielberg hat on (or maybe Tarantino?). Watch out. Thank you Kim for your constant support and calm understanding of my technology frustrations.

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