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The 8th habit and Strategy 1

Interesting that I have started reading Covey’s “8th Habit” and, this morning, he talks about his 4 intelligences/capacities. They are: a. Mental Intelligence (IQ) – what we can do with our brains b. Physical/Economic Intelligence (PQ) – what we can do with our bodies c. Emotional/Social Intelligence (EQ) – what we can do with our hearts d. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) – what we can do with our soul And that the “complete” person is able to engage all 4 in an effective way to “live, learn, love and leave a legacy” (that was the 7 habits outcome) and to “find your voice and inspire others to find their voice” – the 8th habit. I realise that, in Strategy 1 of my own programmes, I ask for the annual retreat to engage all 4 intelligences. IQ = 3 -year vision PQ = 12-month plan and 90-day goals and spreadsheets EQ = personal and professional mission statements SQ = work/life balance = calendar

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