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The 3 P’s for your practice web site

Question from a client yesterday about dental practice web site design.I still Google around towns I visit and find web sites that talk about:

  1. How well qualified the principal and associates are;

  2. How advanced their post-graduate clinical courses have been;

  3. How clever the equipment is and

  4. How much they know about teeth and gums (page on crowns, page on fillings, page on implants).

Boring – and a magnet for price-shoppers.

If I move into a geographical area and I’m looking for a new dentist, or if I have a few grand in my pocket and want a smile-makeover – what do I want to see on your web site?

  1. People – show me the team, tell me who they are in real life

  2. Premises – take me on a virtual tour and show my how nice the building and the parking and the interior is

  3. Promises – tell me about your customer service standards and your patient journey – that you will listen to me and talk to me – and not treat me like a unit of dental activity

People, Premises, Promises.


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