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The 3-minute sale

  1. History

  2. ‘and another thing“

  3. Shopping List

  4. Reflection

  5. Capability Statement

  6. The Difference

  7. Your Investment

  8. Call For Action

History ”tell me all about yourself in 60 seconds“ ”And Another Thing“ ”what are your current roadblocks and opportunities?“ Shopping List ”if we were to work together, what would be on your shopping list?“ Reflection ”so what I heard you say was…“ Capability Statement ”first of all let me say that I’m confident I can help you“ The Difference ”if we could achieve the outcomes on your shopping list, what difference would that make to you?“ Your Investment ”to make that difference your investment would be £x – would that be a problem for you?“ Call For Action ”so is there any reason why we cannot get started?“

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