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The 2 choices you now have to make in marketing – and you won’t like either of them

Marketing is getting simpler – because the world is getting noisier.

To paraphrase Seth Godin, you either have to:

  1. SHOUT louder than the competition or

  2. whisper into the ear of an engaged audience

In order to SHOUT you have to PAY.

In order to whisper you have to broadcast.

SHOUTING and PAYING is what happens when you give your money to an external agency, ask them to SHOUT with it and go back to your work (the thing you trained to do).

whispering and broadcasting is what happens when your team rally around a marketing champion and look for check-ins, reviews; selfies and videos of patients telling the world what a positive difference you make by doing the thing you trained to do.

SHOUTING – costs money and is something over which you have little control.

whispering – takes time and you can exercise total control.

SHOUTING generates strangers who respond to SHOUTS – and then move on to the next SHOUT like a Walking Dead zombie, mindlessly following the noise.

whispering engages the family, friends and colleagues of people who already know you – and creates third-party trust and loyalty.

You may have guessed by now that I’m just a little bit biased.

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