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The 05:00 am Club

First morning back in the 05:00 am Club after an astonishing Sunday watching simultaneous tennis and cricket.

Back to my early-morning weekday ritual.

  1. Complete my hand-written diary of yesterday’s events;

  2. Fire up the Macbook Pro;

  3. Check overnight social media activity;

  4. Quick glance at overnight email traffic;

  5. Open Full Focus Planner and complete calendar activity for the day ahead;

  6. Create this blog post;

  7. Open Todoist to review all tasks allocated to today – and prioritise;

  8. Transfer most important tasks to Full Focus Planner;

  9. Review travel plans and tickets for later in the day;

  10. Final overall review of what the day is going to look like.

At that point in time I would normally think about a 10k run but my current Achilles tendinopathy has put paid to that for the foreseeable future, with the paradoxical advantage of allowing me to start the actual work a lot earlier.

A paradox because the combination of sports injury and holiday nutrition has me on the scales at my highest body weight for over 6 years and finally determined to do something about that through better nutrition, an ongoing Achilles rehab programme and getting the bike out of cobwebs whenever my travel allows. The long road back to fitness begins again.

Today I’ll be catching up with Phillippa and Rachel on the operational side of the business, I have two video meetings with Australian audiences, an interview for The Extreme Business Academy and a recording of the Two Reds podcast, before a mad dash to catch a train to London and a late supper with clients.

This week – workshops in London and Manchester as well as a client meeting and a third workshop in Dublin. The first two will have our biggest audiences of the year and London will be filmed by our friends form JSP Media Group.

Somewhere in between all that – a task list of 44 items as at this morning and the regular flow of emails.

Holiday routine over.


When we run our own businesses – one of the ways we define ourselves is by being busy and still getting things done.

Ready, steady, go!

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