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Tell a story

Paddi made reference to this last week – and I was talking about it at yesterday’s marketing workshop. You have to give your patients a “story” to tell their family, friends and colleagues.

I went to see my dentist the other day – and you’ll never guess what happened……

Nobody ever completed this sentence with….

they have a new OPG he has just completed a course in advanced restorative dentistry their practice management software is finally working

what they will say is

they offered me a cappucino in a branded cup they gave me hot towels after treatment they remembered I had run a marathon and asked how the day went they thanked me for a referral and gave me a voucher for a night at the movies I had my last appointment for my new smile – and they have arranged a complimentary portrait photo at a local studio

You get my point.

And be afraid – be very afraid – if they are saying

and that miserable old battle-axe is still on reception – I’m sick of her and that snooty hygienist hurt me again and they didn’t remember my marathon run

It’s all about creating good stories for people to tell.

Enjoy this..

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