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Great opening sentence from the pilot of my flight from Belfast to Birmingham this afternoon. The passengers are delayed without explanation “indefinitely” and I’m initially thankful that I don’t have a “gig” this evening. But as time passes I realise that I’m going to land at Birmingham right in the middle of the evening rush – and will have to face the always grossly congested M42 as I head North. However, a few emails and phone calls later, I’m snuggling into my seatbelt when the Captain announces himself over the radio with the following: “I don’t know what they told you in there – but the reason for the delay was a fault with the avionics.” Coaching tip number 1 – don’t talk about them “in there” as if they are buffoons who habitually lie when there is a problem. Next time I fly I’ll assume they are telling fibs. Coaching tip number 2 – great teamwork Captain. Coaching tip number 3 – what the hell are avionics? I might be able to Google that later but the more senior people on the flight look as if we will be crossing the Irish Sea with a wing missing. Lousy communicaion mate.

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