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Team training - the real talent is in the audience

I love the challenge of a team training session - first of all getting the audience on your side and then asking them to open their minds to better ways of doing business, operate in harmony and please patients.

The bigger the audience the better - so when Raphy and Puthri Paul asked me to meet with over 55 people from their 6 locations, I jumped at the chance - even the "Manc in Merseyside!"

The beauty of days like this is that most of the talent is sat inside the heads of those attending - my job is to create an environment in which they trust me and realise that they know more than they give themselves credit for - and then find ways to share that knowledge with all attending.

Congratulations to the lovely team at Bright Orthodontics for proving my point - that training isn't about lecturing and "death by Powerpoint" - it is about unlocking potential.

"Chris Barrow's guest speaker session at our recent Bright Orthodontics staff training event was very well received by our team.

His presentation was engaging, informative, and highly relevant.

Chris's ability to connect with the audience, coupled with his practical insights and passion, made his session memorable.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our staff speaks volumes, and we eagerly anticipate having Chris speak at our future events.

His expertise and engaging style are an invaluable asset to any organization."

Raphy Dr. Raphy Paul C, BDS, DClinDent(Orthodontics), MFDS RCS(Eng), MFGDP, MOrth RCS(Edin) Bright Orthodontics (Widnes/Liverpool/Warrington/Skelmersdale/Ormskirk) c/o Embrace Orthodontics Ltd 130-132 Widnes Road Widnes WA8 6AX

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