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Talking to Key Opinion Leaders and Innovators

On Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of hosting Paul Graham, Head of Dental UK for Christie & Co, on our weekly client webinar.

You can download a copy of their new "Business Outlook 2023" HERE.

Chatham House rules apply to our meetings and so it was a "no holds barred" look at the mergers and acquisitions landscape, with particular reference to the following questions:

  • What sort of multiples of EBITDA are practices changing hands for at the moment?

  • Is there any regional variation in value?

  • Why have earn-out terms from corporates suddenly become so unattractive? What's going on? How to avoid this problem?

  • How do NHS contracts value, compared to private?

  • What levels of EBITDA are considered low hanging fruit, undesirable to corporates but available to the small independent who wants to grow?

I also asked Paul to advise the following categories of client:

  • Those who want to grow from 1 to 10 locations;

  • Those who want to sell now;

  • Those who want to sell in 3-5 years.

We had a pretty full house this week but those who missed the call were sent a recording on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I interviewed 2 more prospective Tuesday night guests:

  • The dentist/developer of an innovative treatment planning presentation package;

  • One of the brightest sparks in the UK dental accountancy landscape.

Tuesday is information and innovation night in The Extreme Business 100 community.

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