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Taking your digital orthodontic practice to the next level

Wednesday 6th July 2022

18:30 UK

19:30 CET


No cost for dental professionals

In this event, our guest speakers will share how a planned approach to digital adoption, combined with a greater understanding of the digital tools at your fingertips, will help you take your orthodontic practice to the next level.

This session will cover:

  • Process standardisation – how to unlock the advantage of digital workflows

  • The new patient workflow – significantly increase your patient onboarding rate

  • Reduce Chair Time while increasing patient satisfaction

  • Visual communication and its critical role in patient engagement, treatment acceptance and compliance

  • Understanding the capabilities of your scanner and how to apply this within your treatment lifecycle

Innovations you should know about – exploring the next generation of digital tools

If you have an iTero scanner, or are planning to acquire one, this session will share valuable real-world experience on how to harness digital technology and develop the right environment to achieve patient, team and doctor satisfaction.

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