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Taking horses to water

Back in September, we invited 445 nominated participants to our Associate Development Programme. I'll share with you at the end of this post a copy of the curriculum.

This was offered at no extra charge to our existing coaching clients and at no charge to the associates themselves.

Every Thursday evening at 19:00 an hour's live webinar facilitated by me and often with invited guest speakers on areas of expertise, such as digital dentistry, financial planning, compliance, personal effectiveness, communication skills and others.

Every call recorded (in case you are busy on a Thursday) and available with downloadable planning resources and automated vCPD from our Academy platform - plus - free access to over 90 hours of business and personal planning content on that same platform.

What happened next?

Pareto - that's what happened.

20% of those nominated have engaged - and we are getting excellent reviews on the quality and quantity of information we are sharing - and equally good feedback from their Principals, who are reporting an increased appetite for development, engagement with the practice vision and, ultimately, private treatment sales.

Which made me think:

  • We issue a monthly email newsletter - with a 20% open rate;

  • We send out a weekly progress report tracker - with a 20% completion rate;

  • We invite associates, marketing managers and TCOs to our development programmes - and 20% engage.

And so on.

I'm often asked how to engage with the 80%.

The simple fact is that, no matter how unbelievable, sparkling, undeniably fantastic your offer is - the 80% just will not engage.

A client told me of his recent attempts to "motivate" an associate:

  • Would you like to go to Ashley's course and learn how to improve your communication? Declined.

  • Would you like me to mentor you and also invite you to my surgery to watch me perform and communicate? Declined.

  • Would you like access to Chris Barrow's Associate Development Programme? Declined.

The question to me was 'what do I do next?"

I think you can guess my answer - there comes a point where "seek first to understand, then to be understood" runs out of steam.

Don't waste your time on the 80% who simply don't want to know - but when they BMW (bitch. moan and whine) as they inevitably do - have a list ready of the opportunities that they declined.

Focus your effort and energy on your 20%'ers. As coach Dan Sullivan says, "build on your strengths not your weaknesses - nobody needs strong weaknesses."

So - this morning - I'm going to celebrate the 20% who do want to grow, who have an appetite for personal and professional development, who show up.

They are a pleasure to work with.

Print a copy of this curriculum and ask your associates how many of them would be interested.

The Associate Development Programme
Download PDF • 45KB

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